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Golden Harmony

Your Easy-Does-It Yoga Escape at Big Bliss

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Class Offerings

Discover tranquility in motion with our Golden Harmony class offerings, designed to bring joy, balance, and well-being to every participant

Golden Bliss (Level 1) Step into strength and serenity with our Golden Bliss Level 1 class, tailored for beginners, seniors and people with limited mobility. Create foundational strength using light weights, free movement, bodyweight exercises, and the support of a chair, guided by an instructor. Join us for a transformative journey where building strength becomes a blissful path to improved well-being. Embrace simplicity, empower your body, and elevate your life with Golden Bliss Level 1.

Golden Bliss (Level 2) Continuing the journey from Level 1, Golden Bliss Level 2 takes your strength training to the next stage. In Level 2, we transition away from the chair, offering exercises that delve into increased challenges and dynamic movements. Expect a seamless flow of strength-building exercises focusing on enhanced muscle engagement, mobility, and endurance. If you've enjoyed the foundational bliss of Level 1, Level 2 provides the natural progression in your journey.

Chair Yoga (Level 1) Explore the benefits of yoga with Chair Yoga Level 1, a beginner-friendly class designed for all. Using the support of a chair, this session introduces foundational yoga poses and gentle stretches. Whether you're new to yoga or prefer added support, our skilled instructors guide you through mindful movements, promoting flexibility, balance, and overall well-being.

Slow Yoga (Level 3) In this practice we remove the use of chairs or the barre, but may use typical yoga props like blocks and straps. This class is still mobility friendly as we don't use poses that bear weight on the wrists or push into deep hip stretches. Expect more up and down transistions, shorter holds in poses, and a dreamy, zen-like practice. ​ Strech and Meditate (Level 1) In this serene class, participants are invited to unwind on the floor with the support of a yoga bolster, allowing for gentle stretching and relaxation. The session seamlessly combines mindful stretching exercises with guided meditation, providing a tranquil escape for seniors and those with limited mobility to enhance flexibility, ease tension, and cultivate a profound sense of inner calm. "Stretch and Meditate" is a nurturing experience that embraces the union of body and mind, offering a rejuvenating haven for participants to find balance and serenity in each breath and stretch. Harmony Dance (Level 2) Tailored for seniors and individuals with limited mobility, Harmony Dance is a joyful celebration of movement and unity. Participants can expect a dynamic and low-impact cardio dance experience set to an eclectic mix of music, fostering a harmonious blend of physical activity, social engagement, and the sheer joy of dance. With its emphasis on adaptability and positive reinforcement, Harmony Dance creates a welcoming space where every step contributes to a shared journey of well-being and harmony. ​

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