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Barre + Hot Pilates + Hot & Non-Heated Yoga

Be part of a community of creative, supportive, uplifting and connected individuals, ready to help you develop and deepen your yoga + barre practice in a fun and challenging way.

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Be a part of our #BlissSeeker Community

Join the #BlissSeeker tribe and be part of a fun and supportive community that values self improvement and growth. We offer barre, yoga (heated and non-heated), hot pilates and bardio classes. Whether you’re looking for slow and mindful movement or to break a sweat and increase your strength, there are a number of classes to choose from that will suit your needs.



Set aside an hour for yourself. You deserve it.
From walking the dog, to checking items off of your to-do list, to making sure dinner is ready in time, you take care of everyone and everything. Let us take care of you. Set aside an hour for yourself and invest in your health and wellbeing.


We are dreamers and creators. Driven and ambitious friends. Fun and light. We love movement and a good song. But above all, we love to share what we do with you, on the mat, day after day.



Email us! 
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Our Address:

241 Duke St. W.

Downtown Kitchener



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Daytime – 8 am to 5 pm

  • Big Bliss has limited parking available to use during the business day. These are the spots in the row closest to Duke St. and the 3 spots directly in front of our stairs. Please do not park elsewhere in the lot.

  • Street parking: there is free, 2-hour street parking right in front of our building on Duke St. as well on King St.

  • You may park at the Rumpel Felt Co. lot across Victoria St., but now there is a $2.25/hour charge and they only accept cash. Big Bliss is happy to provide change to you.

Evening – 5 pm to 8 am, and weekends/holidays

  • You may park anywhere in our parking lot including those spots marked “Unit J” EXCEPT for the row of spots in front of the recycling bins/dumpsters and the ones marked "LOVE SHOP"

  • Street parking: there is free, 2-hour street parking right in front of our building on Duke St. as well on King St.

  • The Rumpel Felt Co. lot across Victoria St. is free after 5 pm.

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