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Check out our upcoming events!

Belly Dance

October 27 - December 1st 

Thursdays 6:30 pm

Join Diplip Choudhury for an exciting 6-week of fusion belly dance! In this mini-series, we will go through some of the most basic and popular belly dance moves in detail, work on some beautiful combinations and motifs, and learn a short belly dance choreography...a little something to take back with you at the end of this course! Diplip has trained in many styles of this beautiful dance form over the past 10+ years, performing and teaching belly dance and she is so excited to bring them to our Big Bliss community!

Tarot, Yoga and Meditation

November 4th

7:30 - 9 pm

Join our very own Melinda Culp for a delicious warm slow flowing yoga class accompanied by several tarot card pulls throughout the practice to meditate on. In addition, we'll receive gifts of rose quartz and Goodvibes juice to complete the experience. Proceeds from this event will be donated to The Working Center. This event is sponsored by Sold City Real Estate. 

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